Vancouver Fountains is dedicated to the photo documentation of Vancouver's amazing fountains, pools, ponds, and water art installations.

There are very many fountains in Vancouver. Once you start paying attention to them you will realize they are everywhere. VancouverFountains.com has about 125 fountains so far but I have at least 50 on my list yet to photograph, and there are more created every year as Vancouver continues to grow.

In November 2006 VancouverFountains.com was a Georgia Straight 'Geek of the Week'. Thanks to Dave Watson who was the Dot Comment and Geek of the Week columnist at Georgia Straight the honour. Here is a mention on their website: http://www.straight.com/article/vancouver-fountains

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Open the website on your phone and use the Google Map links to do a walkabout tour of Vancouver fountains yourself.

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